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Airwheel Review, is it a new way of walking?

Airwheel Review, is it a new way of walking?

Airwheel Review: We have all heard of the Segway right? You know; it is that nifty little ‘electric device’ which allows you to travel around with…what some people would call style. The Airwheel electric scooter has been crafted in very much the same vein as the Segway. The main difference is that it has just one wheel and has absolutely zero handle. This basically means that you will be riding an electric unicycle…which is undoubtedly a lot better looking than the good old Segway. On this Airwheel Review, I want to take a little look at this adult electric scooter. This Airwheel Review is going to talk about the main products in the Airwheel range; the Airwheel X3, the Airwheel Q3, and the Airwheel X8. For those most part they are very much the same device. There are small variations of course, but they all tend to work the same as one another.


Airwheel Review

Airwheel Review: First Perception

I am not going to lie to you here. The Airwheel electric scooter is deceivingly heavy. The one I had weighed about 10KG, which is not going to be ideal if you do not have the strength to carry it around. That being said; you are probably not going to be carrying it around too often. After all; when was the last time you walked around carrying your bicycle? It just doesn’t happen! At the most you are going to need to carry your adult electric scooter into storage and be done with it. There is absolutely zero hassle involved there.

Airwheel Review: How Difficult to Ride?

Now; the Airwheel mobility scooter is a unicycle. This means that it is going to be a tad difficult to ride at the start. It is not going to be crazily difficult to ride, but you may run into a couple of issues. Each of the Airwheel X3, Airwheel Q3, and Airwheel X8 come complete with a pair of training wheels so you can get used to it. That being said; it will probably take you around an hour to learn how to keep your balance on the scooter. A few hours after that and you will have mastered the Airwheel mobility scooter. Just…don’t take it outside in a busy location whilst you are still learning. It is going to be rather dangerous to other people, and embarrassing to you if you end up falling off!

The mobility scooter is actually faster than you may think too. For example; the Airwheel X3 is able to pump out a rather solid 10 miles per hour. Obviously during the early stages you are not going to want to get anywhere near this speed. That being said; you are going to need to go a decent speed in order to ensure that you can maintain balance. Controlling the speed is quite easy. When you learn forward it seems to go faster. There is a speed limiter built into the device. This means that if you go too fast a series of beeps will be let out and you will start to slow down to around 10 miles per hour. This is a rather nifty safety feature.

Airwheel Review: Charging and Charger

As far as I am concerned throughout this Airwheel Review, on a single charge of your adult electric scooter you should be able to get 9 miles out of it. It takes about 45 minutes to charge too. This makes the scooter ideal for those who are heading to work or just want to go to the stores. Since the Airwheel mobility scooter boasts a rather decent battery you can leave the device on charge and just take it out whenever you need to ride. I seriously doubt that you are going to want to travel more than 9 miles on this thing anyway. It would take far too long and it can be quite painful for your calves. You will most likely be unable to carry the charger around with you if you plan on travelling somewhere and charging at your destination. The charger is quite bulky and very heavy. You could always buy a spare charger and leave it at the destinations that you travel to the most, but it is not going to be cheap as you may well have guessed.

Back to the control of the device; as I said in this Airwheel Review at the start, it is going to take a while to get used to controlling the Airwheel. Providing you do not have any balance issues you should get there eventually though. I think the main issue people tend to have trouble with is the fact that it feels completely different to riding a bike. For example; I am sure most of us have ridden downhill on a bike, yes? We all know that feeling when our body starts to automatically point downwards as you travel downhill, right? Well; you do not get that with the Airwheel. This is a device which tries to keep you almost constantly straight. This means that travelling is a little awkward at the beginning. You could be travelling down the steepest hill ever but you are still going to be ‘straight’ on the unicycle. Turning is probably where the majority of people are going to have issues with this scooter because if you turn too hard then you will fall off. This will often be accompanied by the device scraping against the floor…which can be quite an unpleasant sound.

Airwheel Review: Conclusion

Thankfully the Airwheel Scooter, all of the models, has been designed fairly well. They seem to put up with quite a beating. That being said; they really have to because you are going to be falling off the device quite a lot. If you do run into any issues then you can be thankful that Airwheel is a fairly large company that prides itself on its reputation. They tend to deal with issues pretty quickly and will ensure that your scooter is back up and running as soon as possible. There is also plenty of advice on how to look after your Airwheel online. It is actually going to be a rather decent buy for you.

Airwheel Review

All in all, this Airwheel Review has found that the Airwheel is very fun, fast and thrilling to ride. Once you start riding it you won’t want to get off. As someone said, this is the end of walking; I considers the Airwheel as a new way of walking in this decade. Of course, it’ll get you quicker than your legs and with an almost never-ending battery should easily last a day. Though, it’s a little bit big, its price is not so expensive. You can get  hot price here

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